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Lite Branding + Web Design for Busy, Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs like You, All Done in 24-48 hours.


You've done it.

Launched your brand and successfully elevated it to a thriving, profitable business. You’re surpassing your revenue goals, booking new clients everyday, and truly making a difference within the community. Now it’s time to give your brand a much-needed upgrade to showcase your growth.

Except it takes DAYS, WEEKS, or even MONTHS to get a designer to build your brand.


Why put yourself through the stress and hassle just to sit on a designer’s waitlist?

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On top of that...

You need your brand and your website fully redesigned.

The designers you’ve looked into only offer one or the other.


Searching for a brand and web designer is costing you money.


Your clients are seeing the DIY logo and website that your brand has clearly outgrown. You’ve worked so hard to build your business, and your branding isn’t showing that.

You know the message your website is sending doesn’t match your brand’s look or offerings.


You've evolved!

Now, you are ready to show that transformation. You just need to find the right design that represents your growth and helps build trust with your clients.

Going the DIY route won’t work anymore. You’re too busy successfully running your business, serving your clients, and spending time with your family. You can’t afford to add brand and web design to your already full to-do list. And you want something done ASAP.

What if you could get your full brand redesigned in a day or two?
Now you can!

All-in-One VIP Branding Intensive

With the

You skip the long, drawn-out process and receive a full brand and web redesign within 2 days. Finally, a comprehensive, design experience that’s tailored just for you.


  • Brand Design

    • Lite branding that includes a full logo suite and 2 brand collateral items (Select from: business card design, social media covers, or social media graphics).

  • Web Design

    • A one-page fully designed website or sales page that’s SEO optimized and mobile-friendly. Your website will be customized to meet your needs and create the ideal journey for your future clients.

    • We specialize in using the following platforms: Wix (We’re a Wix partner.), Podia, and Kartra.

  • Technical Support

    • Receive 30 days of technical support via email to answer your questions and help you resolve technical issues.

  • True VIP Service

    • In the typical branding process, designers are working on several clients’ projects at one time. The All-in-One VIP Branding Intensive™ is designed to meet your brand’s needs through a customized, exclusive experience. 

    • During your VIP days, you're our only client. You will receive our full attention for the duration of your project. We’re here to make your brand shine. You're our VIP.



(50% deposit required once your application and requested day(s) are approved)

How Does It Work?


Book Your Intensive

Submit your application and then choose a day(s) that works best for you and your brand’s needs. Keep in mind, you will need to complete the prep work before we begin your redesign. You will also need to be available during your Intensive. It’s ideal to book 3 weeks in advance. Select your day and secure your spot with a 50% deposit.


Your VIP Day(s)

During your VIP day(s), we’ll spend the entire time working exclusively on your brand. You’ll also be updated on the progress throughout the Intensive via your client portal. At the end, you’ll have a completed brand and web redesign that’s live and shining bright!


Prep Work

After you’ve booked your date, you’ll receive an email with your All-in-One VIP Branding Intensive™ welcome guide and checklist. You’ll need to complete all of the prep work before the Intensive, so we can give our full attention to your redesign.

We’ll also schedule a 1-hour strategy call to create a plan for your special day.



Once we’ve completed the All-in-One VIP Branding Intensive, you’ll have 30 days of email support to ask questions and receive assistance with resolving technical issues.

For ongoing support, we offer a monthly maintenance service. With this investment, we’ll provide monthly technical support for website maintenance and updates. Your brand collateral will also be refreshed with 5 new designs that can be used as promotional materials.

Still have questions? Click here.

Meet Your Design Team


Jonatta (left) & Breyonna (right)

“At Kingdom Assistance, we help purpose-driven entrepreneurs create brands that tell their story, captivate their audience and deliver on the promise to let their light shine. Through our comprehensive strategy and design services, we partner with your brand to deliver a branding masterpiece, every time.”

-Jonatta Harmon, CEO & Brand Strategist

​Our All-in-One VIP Branding Intensive℠ is designed to cut out the normal wait time for branding and web design and provide the comprehensive, elevated branding experience you deserve.

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Ready to give your brand the VIP experience?

Book now! We’re ready to be your partner in elevating your brand to the next level.



The All-in-One VIP Branding Intensive
gives you the complete brand redesign you desire within days, instead of weeks. You'll be confident that your branding and website shine as brightly as the services you provide your audience. Whether you're a purpose-driven coach, consultant, influencer, industry expert or go-getter, this service is for you!



Press play to hear Kendra's story of how her life and business literally changed after partnering with us for her rebrand.

Clients Say

What Our Other

By you all meeting my launch date goal, I was able to have a successful Black Friday Sale and Launch. I even had increased visibility and broader consumer reach after working with you all. Also, having you all available for support down to the wire with any questions I had and resolves for each was greatly appreciated. My favorite part of this experience was you all accessing my needs, capturing my wants and making it all happen upon launching the site.

Jacquelyn Bell

Jaka'Z Inc.

My favorite part about working with Kingdom Assistance is that I was able to have my vision expanded to visually impact my audience. My business has improved and now has a professional standard.

Chanell D. Hill, LCSW

Teen & Co. Wellness and Consulting PLLC

Kingdom Assistance is so professional. My website looks so amazing! The feedback I have received from my followers has been nothing but five star reviews. There is such a need for men in ministry and business to be branded with dignity and integrity. CBM is a well-rounded non-profit because of your work.  

Corey Bell

Corey Bell Ministries

You've worked hard and taken your business to the next level.
It's time your visual components match that. Let your brand's light shine in within days.
Book the All-in-One VIP Branding Intensive℠.